Mission Statement

PreSchool and K-12
Music Education Excellence

"What are your personal teacher beliefs for teaching music to your students?"
--Dr. Knauss

  • To provide an easily accessible general* music curriculum that focuses foremost on how PreSchool and K-12 students learn music skills instead of what activities music teachers should teach.

  • To provide a superior yet affordable PreSchool and K-12 scope and sequenced general* music curriculum that:

*Classroom music has been historically labeled as "general" music and music teachers traditionally have been taught only how to teach music activities. But in this author's opinion, there is nothing general about music education. It is highly specific and precise, and now is backed by much research on how students learn music skills rather than how teachers teach music activities.

"I hear (Tell me), I forget,
I see (Show me), I remember,
I do (Involve me), I understand."
--Chinese Proverb--

Hear. See. Do.

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