Knauss K-12 Music Curriculum

What Would You Say ...

... if you were offered 1,035 pages of a research-based, field-tested, master-teacher K-12 general music curriculum, proven to produce superior musically skilled students?

Would you like to stop wandering about in music teacher unknowns? Many beginning and experienced music teachers wonder what to teach each grade level, how to sequence one grade into the next, and how to teach music effectively to the different age groups. Many spend their first 5-10 years of teaching stumbling around in these unknowns, and then settle in to whatever seems comfortable to them. Many think that teaching music education is simply providing the students with an exposure to songs and music activities, and then over time the students might gain music skills and artistry by automatic absorption. Instead of years of guesswork, how would you like these unknowns resolved for you with master teacher "How-To's" built right into a sequenced K-12 music curriculum?

Would you like to be certain that you are teaching music skills successfully? With 3 music education degrees, Orff-Schulwerk Level III Certification and master classes beyond, NAfME (formerly MENC) Nationally Certified Master Music Educator, and four decades of experience teaching preschool through university graduate level, I can provide master art-of-teaching techniques completely free of new teacher trial-and-error. Easy-to-use teacher instructions with built-in quality assessments all command amazing results, just by following the simple curriculum instructions.

Knauss K-12 Music Curriculum (KMC) is detailed, daily, ready-made lesson plans for a premier music program. Simply stated, Master Teacher How-To's... that cannot fail!

KMC K-12 is Core Skills-Based to teach students well-sequenced basic to advanced music skills and artistic performance.

KMC K-12 is a Scope, Sequenced, & Spiraling music curriculum to teach Rhythm and Tonal Skills and Music Concepts in music learning research order, which broaden and deepen with each cycle.

This curriculum, first drafted in 1973, has been field-tested for four decades, and is under continual revision to keep it current with the latest music learning research and music education methods. KMC K-12 is built on a solid foundation of Contemporary USA Music Education History.

KMC K-12 is a step-by-step master K-12 General Music Curriculum for your classroom or home school that has proven its effectiveness with all students from challenged to accelerated. Not only will your students develop internalized, independent musicianship, but they will gain a life-time love of music!

But don't just take my word for it. Please accept my invitation to preview and print excerpts of each book to try out on your students. Click Knauss K-12 Music Curriculum Overview and then click on a book thumbnail to access the free PDF excerpt.

David E. Knauss
Ph.D. in Music Education, Penn State University
Doc. Humane Letters, Honouris Causa

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