Bitty Bops (PreK12) Music Curriculum: Download Excerpt

Books 1-2-3:
(184 pp.)

Bitty Bops PreK12 Books 1-2-3

PreK12 Music Education for
Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers


  • Preschoolers learn to audiate music as they develop through the music learning stages of Acculturation, Imitation, and Assimilation much the same as they learn language.

  • Each PreK lesson is dove-tailed from activity to activity and sequenced from lesson to lesson

  • The vocal songs are students' all-time top favorites correlated with classical music

  • Lessons are musically comprehensive (modally, rhythmically, metrically, stylistically, and historically) across an entire semester

  • All active music participation (listening, singing, chanting, moving, playing, performing, improvising, and creating) are included in each lesson

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