Knauss K-12 Music Curriculum (KMC K-12)

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It is to achieve success in the music classroom! Click on the book thumbnails to preview and print free excerpts to try out on your students.

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Every student can perform a steady beat and sing in tune! Did you know there is no such person as tone-deaf or a monotone?

Ready made sequenced rhythm and tonal flash cards which include the best rhythm syllable system and Kodály tonal process!

Fun music classes with no-fail skill focus that does more than just sing songs! Want to insure the increase of music aptitude and skills in students before age nine?

The best active participation curriculum that flawlessly produces artistic musicians! Want to insure the greatest possible music skills achievement after age nine?

Change from "music appreciation" lessons of fill-in-the-blank worksheets, to ultimate music producing procedures that engage every student in creativity!

Book 1:
Sequential Rhythm & Tonal Skills
Book 1A:
Rhythm & Tonal Skills Flash Cards
Book 2:
Grades K-2
Book 3:
Grades 3-5
Book 4:
Grades 6-12

KMC K-12 At A Glance

The Knauss K-12 Music Curriculum is a classroom instructional series for pre-kindergarten through grade 12. It is available as 5 user-friendly books that provide the music teacher with simple step-by-step instructions. This curriculum was designed by compiling the most successful classroom techniques, songs, and activities for the past 4 decades into 5 easy-to-use manuals.

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The Knauss K-12 Music Curriculum

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