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What are Music Educators, Parents, and Students Saying
About the Knauss K-12 Music Curriculum?

Did you know that general music can be "performed" with the same excellence as traditional choirs, bands, and orchestras? Let me ask the question another way . . .

Did you know that students in a general music classroom can be taught music skills and independent musicianship to such levels of perfection and artistry that they can "take the show on the road" and WOW the community, like traditional choirs, bands, and orchestras?

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Introductory Note from Dr. David Knauss

  • Dr. Knauss, I was a student in your class at Baptist Bible College in 2012. Since then, I have graduated, been blessed to get married to my wonderful husband Josiah, and we have also moved to Haiti to teach in a Christian School. Josiah has been teaching here for three years and I was finally able to join him after we were married. I am the elementary music teacher for the school and I have been using your curriculum as a base for my lessons. I really enjoyed and am thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave me to be in your class. The school that my husband and I are teaching at is called Quisqueya Christian School and is located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  • --Mrs. J.M., Music Teacher, Quisqueya Christian School, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • When I went back to improving their basic gateway skills of performing a steady beat and singing in tune treating the classroom like a performing ensemble, I thought for sure they would carry me out of the room and throw me down the stairs, but they seem to be enjoying it and I can see the wheels turning in their brains. I'm constantly challenging them to listen and stay together and I think they like working as a team. Looking back to the first marking period, I know that not being secure on beat and pitch matching are the reasons all those project attempts fell apart or were like pulling teeth to be successful. I assumed the gateway skills were secure already, but never assume anything, right?? By the way, I'm enjoying teaching now.
  • --Mrs. M.H., Grades 6-8 Music Teacher, Williamsport, PA
  • I am writing to thank you for the many lessons and concepts you taught in the Teaching Music course at BBC. I learned so many things and am now using the ideas to teach K-12 music classes this year. Although this is a new experience, I am loving it and I just wanted to thank you for your influence in my life. The students are responding well which makes my job enjoyable.
  • --Mrs. L.C., Instructor, Penn View Bible Institute, PA

  • This curriculum has made easy to teach all the complicated music skills (like tonal modes and complex rhythms) we thought were impossible. Why weren't we taught these techniques in our college method's classes?
  • --PreK-8 Music Teachers, Cambridge Lakes Charter Schools, Elgin, IL
  • Your curriculum has made absolutely easy what we always thought we couldn't teach!
  • --Music Education Master's Degree Candidates, Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, PA
  • I must thank you... I had high hopes for your curriculum when I ordered it, and the product has surpassed my expectations. I am just delighted that the Lord led me to your curriculum. I'll be able to provide a true musical education for my children... far beyond what most children in our area receive.
  • --Mrs. A.O., MI

  • My students are learning more than they ever did and absolutely loving it. Not only are they learning music, they're making music! The activities are creative, fun, and packed with learning. It is evident that every page of this curriculum has been classroom tested and refined. I feel confident that I'm creating musicianship in every one of my students and that I'm building a solid foundation for whatever musical avenues they may pursue."
  • --Mrs. S.C., K-5 Classroom Music & K-5 Phys. Ed., Marmora, NJ
  • Music flows when you put heart into it. That's how Mr. K. teaches us music.
  • --K.S., Fifth Grader, Cochran Elementary, Williamsport, PA
  • My son has disliked music class since kindergarten. But now that he is in high school in 9th grade general music and has you for his music teacher, he comes home talking about nothing but music, as if everything else in the school has ceased to be. What do you do in music class that's so different?
  • --H.'s Mother, School Board Member, Liberty, PA

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